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Better Care. Better Options. – July 2020 Direct Mail
During the height of COVID, people don’t just want good care, they want to know they can choose care they trust. We showed just how many options Kaiser Permanente offers, including telehealth options.

Virginia Medical Plans Promotions
Virginia Medical Plans offers Kaiser Permanente as one of their leading health care plans. We helped Kaiser Permanente deliver some impactful assets they could share to further promote their Kaiser Permanente plans.

2020-2021 Telehealth Banners
No one wanted to sit in a crowded waiting room with sick people during the height of COVID. So we let people know that they didn’t have to if they had a Kaiser Permanente health plan.

Rate Comparison Tool
Simply showing people what offer won’t convince people to switch coverage. You have to show them what they’re already overpaying for.

September 2020 Direct Mail
Most companies want their direct mail to say everything. We created one with just the details small business owners care about during the COVID crisis - and how they could help their employees and their businesses at the same time.

Communicating Care

Kaiser Permanente

As one of the biggest names in healthcare on the west coast, they needed a hand building their reputation in the Midwest and East Coast.