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All-Star Game - Miami

To help MasterCard celebrate the MLB All-Star Game, we created an immersive fan experience centered around their favorite players:

Alex Rodriguez
Andre Dawson
Bernie Williams
David Ortiz
Don Mattingly
Orlando Hernandez
Pedro Martinez
Tim Raine

Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Thao Nguyen
Sr Copywriter: Jose Benitez
Sr Art Director: James Pinkerton
Creative Director: Jason Marks

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Connected Playground

For the 20th anniversary of Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign,
we wanted to make the whole world a little more priceless.

Identical playgrounds connected by live-streaming cameras
and speakers let kids across the country play side by side.

Spec Work
Not because the client didn’t want it - they really did.
Their PR agency didn’t, and now it only lives
as an amazing idea that should have been.

Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Mikayla Lapierre
Creative Director: Pete Jones



From intern to first agency gig, McCann gave me tons of opportunities on Mastercard. They must have liked me because my 2-week freelance gig grew to several months across a half-dozen clients.