Julliard's Prof. Antonio Ciacca performed his world premiere of Pulses on May 21, 2019.

I was to record B-Roll.

Unfortunately, Prof. Ciacca's friend was Camera 1.
All around the venue, he arranged different cameras. Feet shook unweighted tripods. Horn blasts unfocused lenses. Every few seconds, the auto-white balance shifted from warm to cool.

With extensive use of my B-Roll, I salvaged the only recording of his world premiere. And cut teasers in time to promote the international tour.
Hero Images

Building A Brand

Antonio Ciacca

What started as just recording B-Roll has snowballed into some of the most fun videography and social media support I’ve had the chance to work on.

Creative Director/Camera/Editor: Ben McCoy

US Social Media Images

Social Teaser Video 1

Individual Movements - Cut for YouTube and Facebook

International Social Media Images

Social Teaser Video 2

Entire Concert - Archival

Tree Lighting
at The Pierre Hotel

At one of the swankiest venues in New York City, they performed a Christmas concert complete with classics and originals. I helped the iconic jazz musician and his quartet share their show on social media.