Marketing Blurb

High in the mountains of Eastern Europe where revolution is in the air, the young Roma slave, Mirela, escapes in search of her sold-away mother. But when the fortune teller  proclaims her arrival to be a prophecy come true, Mirela finds herself caught between the hope of freedom of the Roma slaves and the want of power of Carmilla, who dwells behind the castle walls.

Accompanied by an elegant score, Bran Castle is an epic story set in a time and place where cruel nobles call their slaves gypsies; where lust opposes love; where choice challenges its eternal consequences; and where the mysticism of the Undead lurks within the shadows of the crystal ball.

Yet who will wear the Count’s gold locket and share his throne? The answer lies inside, but where is the key?

Bran Castle


To publicize it’s second industry reading, I worked with the playwrite and his team to craft a marketing blurb that captured the heart of what he wanted this musical to be. It set the stage for both the audience and the actors bringing his vision to life so everyone could give him feedback that aligned with the direction he wanted to take his work.

Copywriter: Ben McCoy