We reached out to students celebrating friendships on the widest-reaching platform - TV. “But wait,” you say, “students don’t watch TV anymore, especially not commercials.” Well, they will if their friends star in it.

We’ll turn the viral content they’re already creating into a TV spot in 3 steps:
  1. Realistic Cow stickers on SnapChat
  2. SnapChat Story dedicated to each campus
  3. Curate the best of the best and turn it into a TV sport.

Stoodents Want Chikin


Internship Project | Not Produced

As the culinary afterthought of college students, we shifted Chick-fil-A’s existing program of interacting and improving communities to protect students against #Struggles.
1st Place -Truth Seekers Project
McCann NY

Spec Work

Internship project that inspired future work the brand would do on college campuses.
Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Post Production: Jessica Sheptin
Art Director: Thao Nguyen