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In 2006, a senior Silicon Valley chemical and material science engineer sought to reverse the tarnishings of time.
In one experiment, he treated half his face with a formula derived from family beauty secrets and invigorating botanical extracts.
When word spread of an asymmetrically younger man, he knew he was halfway there.
His artist daughter envisioned a timeless rejuvenation beauty brand.
Through intergenerational and cross-disciplined innovation, they launched EON Skincare as a way to share their discovery with those
seeking a shield from time.

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How Eon Rejuvenates

EON visibly reduces signs of aging by permeating cell membranes with potent nutrients during a two-week cell growth cycle,
thereby restoring skin cells to their maximal state of health, replenishing plumpness to starved cells to smooth out wrinkles,
fortifying the fragile skin structure to improve elasticity and lifting tired skin.
For many skin rejuvenation treatments, skin cells stop responding to the product after the initial adjustment period in a phenomenon
known as “Product Fatigue Syndrome,” In contrast, our high performance, age-defying technology’s effectiveness does not diminish over time.
Our line of products treats conditions ranging from fine wrinkles, eye wrinkles, crosshatching, crow’s feet, lip wrinkles, tear troughs,
enlarged pores, as well as for improving overall complexion without any invasive procedures.
Our products are recyclable, hypoallergenic and vegan. We are committed to being free of animal cruelty, alcohol, preservatives,
synthetic fragrances, artificial coloring, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Explainer and Before/After Pages

Before and Afters (selection)

Reactive and sensitive skin benefited in only 8 days from potent nutrients boosting cell growth, reducing sagging eyebags and lifting upper eyelids.

For 3 weeks EON Anti-Age Serum was periodically applied to the left side of the face emphasizing firmer undereye skin and reduced fine lines.

More youthful appearance with lessened periorbital lines and a more dewy complexion after applying around the eye.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

Eon Skincare

Eon Skincare had one goal - get bought. As a small brand, they wanted the resources of a much larger one. But no one would notice them.

So I helped them carve out their niche - geology.
Less than a year after I finished rewriting their entire site, they were purchased.

Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Beatrice Glow