(Once my NDA let’s me say more about the quests, dialogue, and lore I’ve written, I’ll add it here. For now, you’ll just have to settle with what their legal team let’s me say and our teaser video.)

Enemies Explained (A description of every creature and robot you’ll encounter in the game)

Colonialism’s Finest
Stand and Deliver (inspired by an unused icon!)
The Doctor
Inquire About a Choir
No More Heroes
Stranger in a Strange Land

Quest Names
Colonialism’s Finest
Stand and Deliver
The Doctor
Inquire About a Choir
No More Heroes
Bite the Bullet
A Dish Best Served Hot
Stranger in a Strange Land

(Most of the Camelot quests’ dialogue)
Choose Life
Fair is Foul
Fashion Terrorism
Hurly Burly
Lost & Won
Acceptable Losses
Crossing the T’s
Colonialism’s Finest
No. 3 in Cerulean
Saint of Style
The Dolorous Strike
The King’s Speech
Stand and Deliver
Bite the Bullet
A Dish Best Served Hot
Good Samaritan
Lay of the Land (partial, mainly the first half)
The Doctor
Inquire About a Choir
A Doctor’s Orders
Stranger in a Strange Land

Default Dialogue
Alderman James Middleton
Captain Vijai Singh Kumar

Ambient Dialogue

Companion Dialogue
John Smith (edited for character consistency)

Fallout: London

Fallout: London is one of the largest (if not the largest) mod for Fallout 4. Everyone from E3 to MSN has been talking about it, and even Bethesda has been hiring away our teammates one by one. 

Set in London, it explores what happened in London several hundred years after China and America nuked each other to the point of world-wide collapse. 

I concepted quests, created companion characters (like Archie, the Dickensian child thief), developed complicated dialogue trees, thought up world-building lore, and filled-in the ambient faction dialogue so post-apocolyptic London felt as real as possible.

Release date: end of 2023

For the latest updates, check out the website or join the nearly 6,000 fans on our Discord.



Modder of the Month (Sept. 2022)
Featured Modder on Bethseda’s Homepage
YouTube Silver Creator Award

Selected Press and Organic Influencer Quotes
“E3’s best announcement was really this Fallout: London mod.” - Rich Stanton, PC Gamer

“Fallout: London, a huge upcoming mod for Fallout 4, looks like  the bees’ knees sunshine.” - PCGamer

“You’ve thought it, I’ve thought it, but the question of what London would look like in the Fallout universe has never truly been answered...until now.” - Emma Kent, EuroGamer

“’Fallout: London’ DLC-sized mod revealed - The devs creating panic on the streets of London.” - Thomas Hughes, NME

“Projects like this honestly leave me in awe. The absolute passion and creativity of everyone involved is outstanding.” - Ewan Moore, Gaming Bible

“This project is a must-watch and we can’t wait to see more about it.” - Gianluca Saitto, Tom’s Hardware (Game Division)

“Fans of the series have something else they can look forward to in the meantime outside of more Fallout 76 DLC.” - Igor Bonifacic, MSN Entertainment

“Fallout: London is a ‘DLC-sized’ mod for Fallout 4 and looks incredible. This  is one of the most promising Fallout mods in recent memory.” - Austin Wood, Gamesradar

“It looks like the moment will finally come when we will see how nuclear war in the Fallout universe affected countries other than the US. All thanks to the modders responsible for Fallout: London.” - Przemyslaw Dygas, GamePressure

“Fallout: London is one of Fallout 4’s most anticipated mods.” - JuiceHead

“I have always contested that Fallout outside the US wouldn’t work. Fallout: London may just change that.” - TK-Mantis

“This mod is absolutely amazing and I am super excited!” - TU3SD4Y

“Such a brilliant-looking mod that I can’t wait to dive into!” - Bundicot

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