Masterpass Deck
Fans met their heroes, we interviewed the legends,
and event after event livestreamed across the Mastercard
website and social media to build hype for the game

All-Star Game
Miami 2017


To help MasterCard celebrate the MLB All-Star Game, we created an immersive fan experience centered around their favorite players:

Alex Rodriguez
Andre Dawson
Bernie Williams
David Ortiz
Don Mattingly
Orlando Hernandez
Pedro Martinez
Tim Raine

Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Thao Nguyen
Sr Copywriter: Jose Benitez
Sr Art Director: James Pinkerton
Creative Director: Jason Marks
Tweets from the Greats
For fans who couldn't fly to Miami, you could tweet the players hanging ou at the Masterpass Deck, and we'd send back customized images, written and signed in the players' handwriting.

We shared countless moments through posts across our owned Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels bringing these experiences, both with sports legends and other A-List stars who helped us celebrate, to all our fans.

Snapchat Geofilter
From the lobby to the field, fans could share their excitement.