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Original Composition Performed by Elizabeth (Blakeslee) Wierslee

Singing Performed by Ohio Wesleyan University Choral Art Society and The Ohio Symphony Orchestra in 2007 After Effects/Music Video done as a school project

Singing Performed by The Cecilia Chorus of New York on March 2nd, 2019
Each is a full collection of movements from each piece. 


I've banged on pianos and warbled since I was little.
Only now, people pay me when I do it.
Recent Premieres
Fifty Trillion Molecular Geniuses
The Brothers Balliett
World Premiere - 2019 - Carnegie Hall

Oedipus The King
The Brothers Balliett
World Premiere - 2017 - Church of the Holy Trinity

The Prison
Dame Ethel Smyth
U.S. Co-Premiere - 2018 - Carnegie Hall

One Hour to Madness and Joy
Jorge Martín
Orchestral Premiere - 2019 - Church of St. Francis Xavier

Messe Romane
Thierry Escaich
U.S. Premiere - 2018 - Church of the Holy Trinity

A Garden Among the Flames
Zaid Jabri
World Premiere - 2018 - Carnegie Hall

Der Zippelfagottist
Jonathan Breit
World Premiere - 2017 - Carnegie Hall