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Password: Pru1

Prudential Investment Account
People have scar tissue from their banks:
tiny interest rates, hidden charges,
and limited access to their accounts.
Prudential doesn’t penalize you with fees
or limit your access.

Because the truth is, it’s your money.
We’re just helping you make the most of it.
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Password: Pru2
Prudential Managed Account
People often feel like they don't have
enough money to invest or get the
attention or options they deserve
Prudential democratizes investing
by letting our customer talk to a
financial advisor before they've
even invested a dime.

Save What You’re Worth


Pitched | Not Produced

A cross-agency pitch that combined MXM and Droga 5’s expertise for Prudential’s new investment products.

They liked our concept,
just not our budget.

Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Jesse Darling
Animator: Alena Titova
Creative Director: Cheri Soukup