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Too Easy

Samsung's Smart TV can do just about anything
from connecting with your smart devices
to customizing its built-in features.

All were shot as :30, :15, and even :06 for social media.

They were so successful, Best Buy asked to use them
in stores to explain what smart devices can do.
We did a special cut for them.

Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Copywriter: Sam Eisen
Art Director: Angel Ang
Creative Director: Lee Tone
Creative Director: Matt Gould
Director: Vincent Peone

Father’s Day Promotion

The day before Father's Day, Samsung asked us
to create a few banners promoting products
dads would love.


Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Seray Sun
Senior Copywriter: Brent Weldon

Things I Want


The best part of this account was getting to play with all the things I wish I could afford. Will someone buy me a Smart TV?