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Real Fitness


VR fitness has a bad rap for being a glorified gym game. 

So we showed fitness fanatics  that Supernatural was a real workout with unreal results.

By showing the best parts of what VR can offer (out-of-this-world locations, live instructors, at-home experiences) with the workouts themselves, we socked it to the skeptics with videos that drove sales.

(All videos and statics versioned for Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Snapchat, and TikTok.)

Senior Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Creative Director: Zach Richter
Creative Editor: Brian Sanford
Director: Rob Meyers
CD/Art Director: Luis Aguirre
Motion Designer: Alan Ambran
Motion Designer: Laura Fia
Motion Designer: Bella Bertolli
Designer: Tim Smyllie