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Classic Checking Retargeting Banners 2023


Using the DCO platform, we created new retargeting banners that referenced specific aspects of our Classic Checking Account members and potential members had searched for. Retargeting banners were also smart enough to differentiate between someone who was a member and was just curious, a member who had started and abandoned their application, and a nonmember who wanted to see how much they could save or be protected by switching to USAA.

Please note that animation is simulated - better animation between frames was rendered when displayed in HTML.
Copywriter: Ben McCoy
Art Director: Holly Mullinax
Associate Creative Director: Linda Lam

Application Abandoned - Get Paid A Day Early

Application Abandoned - Spending Habits Tools

Application Abandoned  - No Monthly Service Fees

Application Abandoned - Zero Liability

Non-members - Get Paid A Day Early

Non-members - Spending Habits Tools

Non-members - No Monthly Service Fees

Non-members - Zero Liability