September 2023 Pancake Breakfast

September 2023 Speaker Series: Natalie Pasternak
Are You Being Duped? Understanding Science vs Pseudoscience

August 2023 Pancake Breakfast

August 2023 - Food and Ethics

July 2023 Speaker Series: Anna Sacks (The Trash Walker)
Ending Needless Waste

June 2023 Livng Ethics Roundtable: Healthcare - Can We Do Better?

June 2023 Father’s Day Cafe

June 2023 Family Fun Day

May 2023 Living Ethics Roundtable: Guns - Rights and Wrongs

May 2023 Spring Arts Festival

April 2023 Speaker Series: Mark Horowitz & Anthony Haynor
Is A College Degree Worth It?

April 2023 Living Ethics Roundtable: Where Is Democracy?

March 2023 Speaker Series: Massimo Pigliucci
The Quest for Character: How to Pick Better Leaders and Live a Good Life

February 2023 Living Ethics Roundtable: The Ultimate Choice: Life or Death

February 2023 First Friday Film: How We Feed the Community

January 2023 Day of Deeds 

January 2023 First Friday Film: To Which We Belong

December 2022 Winter Box Party & Luncheon

December 2022 Pancake Breakfast

November 2022 Pancake Breakfast

November 2022 First Friday Film: The Social Dilemma

October 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month - Jazz Concert

October 2022 Speaker Series: Chris Shelton
Inside Scientology: How Cults Manipulate Minds

October 2022 Pancake Breakfast

September 2022 Speaker Series: Sam Sternberg
Rewriting the Code of Life with CRISPR

September 2022 Pancake Breakfast

August 2022 Pancake Breakfast

August 2022 Speaker Series: Matthew Kleban
The Multiverse

July 2022 Pancake Breakfast

July 2022 Speaker Series: Freddie deBoer
Dismantling the “Cult of Smart”

June 2022 Pancake Breakfast

May 2022 Pancake Breakfast

May 2022 Speaker Series: Mark Horowitz
Uncovering the Roots of Our Rancor: The Science Behind the Political Divide

April 2022 Pancake Breakfast

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